Dovozyme XYL

Dovozyme XYL

Xylanase enzyme

Contains :

  • Xylanase 10,000 U/gm

Unique Features :

  • Producing Higher enzyme activity with better quality cost ratio through liquid submerged fermentation.
  • More suitable to be used in feed industry. Products have stable and reliable application effects.
  • Wider effective pH value range with strong resistibility to stomach acid and digestive enzyme.
  • With special after treatment technique, it increases the store stability of liquid preparation.

Application & Dosage :

Corn and soybean diet : 50-100 gm per ton of feed regularly
Wheat diet : 100-200 gm per ton of feed regularly
Unconventional meal : 70-120 gm per ton of feed regularly

As directed by the Nutritionist/Veterinarian.

PACKING: 20 kg paper drum with polyethylene inner bag