Our Story



In the early days, we were very much about making attractive looking interactive presentations, and pushing the ‘wonders of the internet’ on uninterested clients who didn’t see a need to be online. We were a team of three people working on relatively small projects for clients such as Barclays, Nokia, Sony Music and Allied Domecq.

In 1999 a media frenzy surrounding all things ‘web’ related engulfed the industry. Suddenly everyone wanted a website. We did well in this period, and invested in new staff and equipment. The Digital Marmalade team grew from three people to ten, and we increased our offer to include video, audio and 3D. In early 2000, Digital Marmalade and New Solutions joined the Omnicom Group, one of the world’s largest marketing and communications companies.



Digital Marmalade began as a joint venture between Marcus Brennand and New Solutions, a marketing consultancy.

New Solutions specialise in strategically shaping businesses and brands. Marcus set up its in-house multimedia department, which worked on delivering research findings and ideas in a more engaging way. This service soon became popular with clients.

As demand for new media grew, so did the viability of separating the offer and setting up a new business. As a result, in December 1997, Digital Marmalade was born. We left our lovely New Solutions offices in Soho and moved to the Marmalade Studios in Beckenham, South London.