Improving the liver function

The Liver which is a vital organ of the body needs extra protection. Liver is damage mainly due to two factors, viz-Feed Toxicity & Disease Attack.
FEED TOXICITY: The poultry feed comprises of known and unknown toxins like.
MYCOTOXIN: produced by fungi e.g. Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone etc.
PESTICIDE TOXICITY: produced by residues of pesticide that are sprayed over the feed grain crop.
DISEASE ATTACK: The bacterial & viral diseases like Colibacillosis, Salmonellosis, Pasteurellosis, Inclusion Body Hepatitis, Gumboro etc.
These risks put in danger the liver health. Liver problems in poultry affect the –
Production: Drop in egg production.
Hatchability: Drop in hatchability.
Weight: Low weight gain in broiler.
Liver problem also cause severe immunosuppression resulting into vaccination failure & secondary infection. All these together amount to a great economical loss.

Impro – liv – The correct solution for liver problem.


Active Ingredients Each 10ml Contains
Liver Extract 500 mg
Choline Chloride 1000 mg
Lysine 100 mg
Dl-Methionine 100 mg
Biotin 50 mcg
Inositol 35 mg
Nicotinamide 45 mg
Ferric Chloride 80 mg
Vit B1 4 mg
Vit B12 4 mcg
Panthenol 4 mg
Colour Caramel


How do the ingredient in Impro-liv help in controlling these problem?

Liver Extract: directly stimulate regeneration of hepatic cell.
Choline Chloride: Prevent fatty degeneration of liver by improving lipid metabolism.
DL-methionine: Act synergistically with choline chloride to prevent fatty change in liver.
Lysine: Second important limiting amino acid controlling protein synthesis and subsequently liver health.
Biotin: Also known as Vit H which prevent FLKS (Fatty liver and kidney syndrome).
Inositol: Vital growth promoter, prevent fat deposition in liver.
Nicotinamide: Correct niacin deficiencey and improve hock and leg strength.
Ferric Chloride: Inorganic source of iron to facilitate hemopoiesis.
Vit B1 (Thiamine): Necessary to stimulate the appetite to form certain enzymes necessary for digestion & to prevent nervous disorder.
Vit B12: Help correcting anaemic condition and retarded growth caused due to extensive liver damage.
Panthenol: Help in proper feathering and adequate growth.


    • Chick                         : 5 ml daily
    • Broiler                       : 10 ml daily
    • Grower and Layer     : 20 ml daily
    • Breeder                     : 25 ml daily
    • 1 ml Impro-Liv per 1 – 2 ltr. of drinking water for 5 – 7 days.
  • or as directed by the Nutritionist/Veterinarian.

Shake well before use


PACKING: 1 liter HDPE bottle.