Dovoy-Zyme Pro XT

Dovoy-Zyme Pro XT

Multi Enzyme Combination

Dovoy-Zyme PRO XT is a concentrated protease that reduces the feed cost by maximizing protein utilization and improving nutritional value. Dovoy-Zyme PRO XT perfectly meets the requirements of modern broiler feeding

Contains :

  • Protease Enzyme 10000 FTU

Unique Features :

  • Helps in designing feed formulation with non -conventional feed ingredients also. It minimizes effects of anti-nutritional factors in feed ingredients
  • Useful in reducing feed cost by lowering inclusion levels of protein sources which are usually costly. It can replace upto 5% of total crude protein in broilers feed.
  • Balanced and desired proportions of acidic, alkaline & neutral proteases which improves feed efficiency by optimizing protein & energy digestibility.
  • Reduces undigested protein entering the hind gut, reduces protein fermentation in the large intestine and thereby improve gut health of birds.

Application & Dosage :

200 gm/MT of feed
As directed by the Nutritionist/Veterinarian.

PACKING: 20 kg