Powder liver tonic

The liver which is a vital organ of the body needs extra protection. Liver is damaged mainly due to two factors, viz – Feed Toxicity & Disease attack. Liver problem also cause severe immunosuppression resulting into vaccination failure & secondary infection. All these together amount to a great economical loss.
Bio-Liv feed additive is specially formulated to help the liver function optimally. Bio-Liv has a right combination of liver health booster.


Active Ingredients Each kg Contains
Liver Extract 50 gm
DL-Methionine 10 gm
Biotin 5 mg
Nicotinamide 4.5 gm
Vit-B1 400 mg
Panthenol 400 mg
Choline Chloride 100 gm
Lysine 10 gm
Inositol 3.5 gm
Ferric Chloride 8 gm
Vit- B12 400 mcg


  • Liver Extract – Stimulate regeneration of hepatic cell
  • Choline Chloride – Improve lipid metabolism thereby reduce fatty degeneration
  • Dl-methionine – Act synergistically with choline chloride
  • Lysine – Control protein synthesis and subsequently liver health
  • Biotin – Also known as Vit-H which prevent fatty liver and kidney syndrome
  • Inositol – Prevent fat deposition and act as growth promoter
  • Nicotinamide – Correct Niacin deficiency, improve hock and leg strength
  • Ferric Cloride – Facilitate hemopoiesis
  • Vitamin B1 – Important in enzyme reaction, prevent nervous disorder
  • Vitamin B12 – Help in correcting anemic condition and retarded growth
  • Panthenol – For good growth and proper feathering


  • Help to maintain high production and hatchability.
  • Help to achieve standard weight gain.
  • Improve overall liver function.


    • 500 gm per ton of feed
  • or as directed by the Nutritionist/Veterinarian.

PACKING: 10 Kg LDPE bag.