An innovative solution
to control
Avian pathogenic E.coli
in poultry

Contains :

  • This product contains a mixture of 5 lytic bacteriophages at a concentration of 1 X 108 PFU. The product does not contain bacteria

Unique Features :

  • Helps to reduce mortality.
  • Helps to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics on the farm.
  • Support birds health and improves production performance and FCR.
  • Highly effective in controlling multiple strains of Avian Pathogenic E. coli include AMR strains.
  • Safe for humans, animals and the environment.
  • Helps to improve gut health & immunity.
  • Does not create antibiotic resistance.
  • Can be used for packaged and processed meat & egg production.
  • Suitable for all poultry species.

BAFACOL – How to Use :

  • Simply add appropriate dose of BAFACOL™ to water that will be consumed by the birds within 4 to 6 hours.
  • Apply at least 4 hours apart from acidifiers.
  • BAFACOL™ can be dosed together with vitamins, antibiotics, inactivated (killed) vaccines or coccidiostats.
  • BAFACOL™ can not be use together with disinfectant but chlorinated water is compatible.
  • Withhold BAFACOL™ for 3 days prior and 7 days after live E. coli vaccine administration.

Application & Dosage :

Use 10 ml of BAFACOL™ for 1,000 birds.
Broilers apply every other day for 2-6 weeks or throughout the bird life cycle.
Breeders, Layers or Sonali apply every other day for 3 weeks, followed by 3 weeks break.Repeat the schedule throughout the bird life cycle.

As directed by the Nutritionist/Veterinarian.

PACKING: 100 ml