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Natural Feed Additives


  • Garlic Extracts
  • Bacillus Subtilis
  • Saccaharomyces Cerevisiae
  • Vitamins

Effects of Garlic Extracts

  • Allicin of Garlic Extract has strong sterilizing, antimicrobial and antiviral actions (1mg of Allcin sterilizing power is corresponding to 15 unit of Penicillin or Terramycin without resisting bacteria) and also helps in blood circulation. Allicin stimulates gastric mucosa, resulting in promotion of gastric secretion and intestinal regulation. Allicin also acts on nerves to cool and smooth the excitement of nerve cells, relieving stress and improving insomnia.
  • Sulfur compounds such as dyallyl sulfide - Activation of enzyme detoxifying toxic substances and anticancer action.
  • Rich Sulfur containing amino acids such as cysteine and methionine - Protect the liver function and have a strong detoxification effect, emission of heavy metals such as mercury and removal of bacteria and Inhibitory effect of carcinogenesis.
  • Organic selenium - Anti-ageing effect, anti-oxidative effect, toxic prevention and immune-potentiation. High body absorption and utilization of available organic selenium compare to inorganic selenium.
  • Germanium - Anticancer action, promotion of vitamin B1 absorption, enhanced endurance, improved immune function, antinociceptive action and promotion of mineral absorption that tents to glossy feather.
  • Organic minerals such as zinc - Improved reproductive efficiency and improved body weight gain.

Effects of Saccaharomyces Cerevisiae (Yeast Culture)

  • Increased feed intake : It has a unique flavor in yeast culture that increasing feed intake and contains rich glutamine acids, nucleic acids and nucletide.
  • Supply of rich nutrients : It contains rich amino acids, vitamins, minerals and unknown growth factors and has high absorption and utilization rate.
  • Increased digestion and absorption rate : It contains various enzymes that increasing digestibility and reduces diarrhoea.
  • Improvement of intestinal environment and activation of probiotic flora : Helps Microflora to be present in intestine during anaerobic condition, promoting the growth of lactobacillus, secreting lactoferrin that inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms by strongly combining with Fe3+ which are essential for the growth of bacteria.
  • Containing rich organic acids : Yeast culture contains rich in lactic acids and succinic acids etc to lower the intestinal pH, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and maintaining normal bacterial flora.

Effects of Bacillus Subtilis

  • Improve fertility and hatchability in breeders
  • Improve the semen quality in male birds
  • Increase the egg production
  • Better FCR and weight gain
  • Reduce post antibiotic stress
  • Decrease disease outbreak by improving body resistance
  • Natural feed additives, nonchemical, non-antibiotic.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the Allicom, fresh air circulation and use of clean water required.

Antibacterial, Antiviral and Anticancer actions

Unique Features of Allicom on Fishes :

  • Intestinal regulation and digestive action
  • Anti-allergic activity of dermatitis
  • Improve palatability of feed
  • Improve egg production
  • Improve body weight gain
  • Meat quality improvement
  • Prevent Ulcerative syndrome in Fishes

Application & Dosage :

  • Fishes : 0.5-1kg of Allicom per ton of feed.
  • or as directed by Nutritionist / Aquaculturist.

PACKING: 1 kg Sachet

Pellets Zeolite


SiO2 64.2%
Fe2O2 3.4%
MgO 2.6%
K2O 0.4%
P 0.015%
Al2O3 19.45%
CaO 5.6%
Na2O 4.1%
Mn 0.03%


  • Specially pelleted
  • Settles immediately at bottom of pond
  • Helps to maintain optimum plankton bloom
  • Enhances water quality
  • Reduces BOD & COD
  • Effective in broad range of salinity


  • Reducing toxic gas example: NH4, NH3, H2S, SO2
  • Increase dissolve oxygen and control pH in water
  • Settle organic matter from feeding, died planktan and particle in water
  • Reducing heavy metals in water
  • Cover the blank soil areas for increasing for white fish and shrimp
  • Absorb suspended particles, bacteria and waste material in pond water


  • 50-80 gm/decimal for 3-5 feet deep pond every 30-40 days intervals.
  • or as directed by the Nutritionist/Aquaculturist.

PACKING: 1 kg sachet.